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Teeny Tiny - Spore Fans [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Will Wright's Spore

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Teeny Tiny [Sep. 7th, 2008|12:48 pm]
Will Wright's Spore!


 Hey there! I'm that one guy who posted that YouTube video of Will Wright a the San Francisco Apple Store a while back...

anyways, Today's the big day! That means some big advertising campaigns for the game, such as the huge banner on the YouTube front page or various huge Spore billboards in SF 'n NYC.

though, There's one billboard that isn't too 'big'

specifically, This 14" by 6" billboard installed at San Francisco's Union Square!
You need a telescope to see it, and EA planted one in the middle of Union Square for passer by's to check it out.

I stopped by today, and they had a little crew there to spread word and film people checking it out.
I guess not much actually went and look through it (yet there's still a bunch of people lying around union square), since they were so happy to see me walk up and check it out, and thus started to interview me a bit and gave me a whole bunch of stickers that "I won't be selling on eBay!"

so, If you're in the area and in downtown San Francisco any time soon, go down there and check it out!

Have fun with Spore, and Happy Spore Day!

(x-posted to _spore , may be edited later for my pictures, hopefully)